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Would any of you be interested....

I started off posting this in motorcycle communities and got flamed.
Then I realized I was talking to the wrong people. The only people who know, who really truly know that the freedom of not wearing a helmet can cost you your brains, are the people who have to pick up the pieces.... the people who watch lives slip away...

A month ago my brother died from a motorcycle accident. He suffered too much head trauma to live, but his helmet provided a layer or protection. Because of his helmet we were able to have an open casket - which was important, because his friends all saw him in the hospital and we didn't want that to be the last vision they had of him, but rather in a peaceful slumber. BUT more importantly, his helmet made it possible for organ donation. Without his helmet he would have died instantly. One of his best friends, Tasha, almost got his kidney... to him, it was important to be an organ donor. Many motorcyclists feel the same way, but many of them don't protect their heads.

Even though my brother didn't live, others may be more fortunate and have been more fortunate and lived because of their helmet. If it doesn't save them, it can help to save others.

My mother and I started a petition for reinstating the Helmet law in Florida...

The short of the petition is that the law does NOT require you to wear a helmet when on a motorcycle in Florida. We want to get that law overturned.


Please sign it... pass it on to family and friends.

xposted, we need 1000 signatures
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