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Hi all! I am a 42 year old Unit Coordinator/Monitor Tech. on a 44 bed Medical Tele/Surgical/Oncology unit with a 12 bed tele monitoring capability. 
I have been an MT since 1983 and in the past have worked on a 39 bed tele unit for about 17 years and in CCU for a year on day shift. 
(I found that I am not, and don't think I ever will be a day shifter) Then, I worked in a cardiologist's office for about a year doing back office work (rooming patients, taking vitals, doing 12 lead EKG's, treadmill tests, and pacemaker checks) and found out I am not cut out for the office environment, either. So now I am where I am and have been for almost five years. Hey, I guess I didn't mean to write my resume! Sorry!
 But anyway, I was just looking for a place to trade stories and frustrations, and this is what I found. Thanks. 
And now "A Letter to My Co-worker":

Dear RN I work with:

   I just scolded you for not answering your pager not once, but twice. Once when a patient's family member was on hold and once when a doctor was on hold. Do you realize that they hang up and call back and yell at me because you didn't answer the phone? You could at least let me know you couldn't answer the phone. How many times do I have to tell you this? You are the reason people think hospitals suck. I really kinda hate you. You walk like a duck. How did you ever graduate nursing school? You are one of the most annoying people I think I have ever met. Please stop talking to me. I hate your accent. I am not your friend. We are NOT going camping. I am glad you are quitting. August 5 can't come soon enough.

F*ck off.
Love, Me
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